9 February 2011

A toymaker often specialises in a particular toy or range of toys, and may work alone or as part of a team.

Gregory Gyllenship, teddy bear maker.
Gregory Gyllenship, teddy bear maker.

If working for a toy manufacturer, toymakers may work as part of an in-house design team, producing their ideas on paper or computer, and then producing a prototype. Toymakers are also sometimes involved in the manufacturing process for their designs.

Freelance toymakers may also be involved in marketing and selling their products. The products may be sold direct to the public from their own premises, at toy and craft fairs, or in retail outlets.

Examples of the products that a toymaker may produce are:

  • Construction and model making kits
  • Dolls, dolls' houses and miniatures 
  • Wooden toys such as rocking horses
  • Board games, puzzles and jigsaws
  • Educational toys.

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