Wood worker

 15 February 2011

Wood workers are involved in designing and making objects. They use a range of woods for a variety of different uses and purposes. The objects may range from decorative items, such as carvings to utility items, such as boats, picture frames, patterns, chairs and chests.

Alex Hammond, antique restorer
Alex Hammond, antique restorer

A wood worker may create and sell objects or be involved in restoration work. There are a number of specific skills which a wood worker has to use, these can include:

  • Designing items, e.g. chairs
  • Preparing materials for construction, e.g. wood
  • Using traditional wood working tools
  • Using power tools
  • Making joints to join pieces of wood
  • Finishing the item with appropriate finishes, varnishes, stains or waxes
  • Attaching closures or decorative items.

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