Work experience with a creative media arts centre

 26 June 2017

Chris Stewart, a business studies student, vlogs about his work experience with creative media arts centre Fab Lab

"Hi guys, my name’s Chris Stewart and today I’m doing work experience at Fab Lab in Derry.

"I’m currently a business studies student at North West Regional College.

"I’m just outside Fab Lab now and I’m really hoping that everything goes okay, I get a real experience of what Fab Lab does and what they’re all about."

Today’s task

Eamon Durey, Fab Lab manager

"Okay Chris, we’ve got a nice creative task for you today in the lab.

"We are working on a creative industries project at the minute and we need some branding to go along with the programme.

"So what we would like you to do is create a simple logo that will then be used as part of the programme.

"So we’ve got some materials here that are very, very simple, very, very, kind of last century type technology such as pens, markers, pencils and a pad for you to draw on.

"Drawing skills aren’t important. If you draw your design concepts, we will then digitise those drawings and then we will send those from the computers to one of the machines here and the machines will cut it out for us."

Chris’s thoughts on the task

"So I am halfway through my task and so far I have produced a number of drawings which are going to be used for printing out stickers.

"I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s something different and something I’d never really thought about.

"Everyone here has been great so far and they’ve given me a lot of help.

"There are so many different things going on like laser cutting, 3D printing and vinyl cutting. There’s so much to do in the Fab Lab."

Feedback from Fab Lab

Eamon Durey, Fab Lab manager

"Okay, these look great, well done; especially for a quick morning exercise.

"I’m quite taken with this one (the blue robot). Particularly for younger children, they would recognise that and it would be familiar to them.

"So I think will take this to the next stage and get it into the computer."

Chris’s thoughts on the day

"So today went really well actually, I’d never actually thought about the likes of going into a maker’s studio.

"But today going in and doing the work which I done today it was really fun to do and it’s opened up so many more opportunities for me to even think about when going forward and looking for jobs.

"For anyone else out there that’s maybe looking at different opportunities, I hope that it gives them the drive to go out there and do something different like I did.

"Today couldn’t have been a better day, I really enjoyed it and I would come back. There’s opportunities, there’s experience out there and everyone just needs to go out and grab it!"

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