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 26 June 2017

Adam Bradley, a computer science student vlogs about his work experience with digital agency 31 interactive

"Hi I’m Adam, I’m 16 years old and I live in Northern Ireland. I study computer science at Belfast Metropolitan College and today I’m going to be doing a work placement with 31 interactive.

"So for me at least, this experience is going to be almost entirely new so I’m a little bit nervous.

"I’m worried about being thrown in at the deep end and not really knowing what to do but hopefully by the time I get there, everything should be fine."

Who are 31 interactive?

"They are a digital strategy and marketing company that works to create brilliant advertisements and websites and marketing in loads of different ways.

"Along with making apps, shops and all this other wonderful stuff and today I’m going to learn all about it!"

The creative assignment

Tara Leatham, managing director

"Okay Adam, welcome to 31 interactive! This is the kind of hub of all our digital projects. We do all our design and development here and we’re gonna give you a creative assignment to do today.

"We’re just going to start with giving you a brief as to what I would like you to do today with your task and it’s going to be to design an email newsletter. No pressure with this task!

"There are a lot of rules and regulations and things you have to stick to in regards to the newsletter design but you can use Photoshop.

"So basically, the email newsletter needs to be 600 pixels wide, 1000 pixels in height, a nice header and a nice footer. 

"Always keep your logo top left and we like links to our social media platforms and our address and our email.

"I’m going to use the centre part here, use some really nice landscape imagery, use a really interesting story to hook you in to the site and that’s just gonna be a more button.

"The idea then is for people to click that and go in to the 31 interactive website."

Adam’s thoughts on the task

"So one of the reasons that this is very scary to me is because they are actually going to be (hopefully at least) using this newsletter to talk to their various clients and potential clients out there.

"I think everyone’s a lot nicer than I thought they would be, I thought they would be quite cold and scary but everyone’s really, really friendly and inviting.

"I’ve just about finished the draft of the template for emails and I’m going to see what Tara thinks, hopefully she won’t hate it too much!"

Feedback from 31 interactive

Tara Leatham, managing director

"That’s really, really good! I’m really impressed.

"Well you followed the brief which is the main thing and you’ve got our logo where it should be.

"You’ve used a nice image and cleverly pulled it from our marketing collateral which is great!"

Adam’s thoughts on the day

"Most of my day was focused around basically getting instructions from Tara about what she wanted, how she wanted it done and her ideas about it, my ideas about it and then making something good out of that.

"I didn’t like the hoovering, the hoovering wasn’t very nice!

"They are absolutely wonderful people and were really helpful when I had problems, issues and concerns.

"The people really made it for me!"

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