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Museums Galleries Scotland supports museums and galleries to work towards a more sustainable future.

Museums Galleries Scotland, Creative Choices Award winner

Museums Galleries Scotland won the Creative Choices Award in the Creative & Cultural Skills Awards 2019. We spoke to Markus Offer, Programme Manager for Skills For Success about the work they do, and about their plans for the future.

Harri Macquire, Cultural Ambition Trainee

Creative & Cultural Skills runs the Cultural Ambition Programme, which aims to support young people to gain experience and skills in the cultural heritage sector across Wales. Harrison Macquire was the winner of the Cultural Ambition Special Recognition Award in the 2019 Creative & Cultural Skills Awards.

Laurie Lambeth, dry stone waller

Laurie Lambeth is a dry stone waller for Lambeth Stonework. He was chosen as the winner of the Cultural Heritage Skills Award, as part of the the Creative & Cultural Skills Awards 2015.

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