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Work experience with a video production company

 26 June 2017

Vlogger Josh Hewitt vlogs about his work experience with video production company doublejump

Work experience with a digital agency

 26 June 2017

Adam Bradley, a computer science student vlogs about his work experience with digital agency 31 interactive

Work experience with a creative media arts centre

 26 June 2017

Chris Stewart, a business studies student, vlogs about his work experience with creative media arts centre Fab Lab

Work experience with a children’s media company

 26 June 2017

Amy Love, a cosplayer, vlogs about her work experience with children's media company Dog Ears

How to record a podcast

 26 June 2017

Radio presenter and producer Keith Law explains how to record a podcast. He also explains what a typical working day for him looks like and offers tips for getting into radio.

How to make a storyboard

 26 June 2017

Illustrator and animator Daniel McGarrigle explains how to make a storyboard. He also explains what a typical working day for him looks like and what it's like being a freelancer with this job.

How to design a product

 26 June 2017

Director of Bigsmall Stephen McGilloway explains how to design a product. He also explains more about what product design is and how to get into this career.

How to create a video on iMovie

 26 June 2017

Photographer and filmmaker Denzil Browne explains how to make a video on iMovie. He also explains more about his role and offers advice on how to get into the industry,

Getting started in the creative and cultural industries

 16 May 2017

In this animation, see advice from industry professionals being put into action as young people move towards working in the creative and cultural industries.

Moving forward from a creative apprenticeship

 16 May 2017

As part of their Curious Futures work, Curious Minds put this animation together where industry professionals gave their advice about how young people can move forward from a creative apprenticeship and look for other opportunities in the creative and cultural sector.

Becoming a technical manager

 1 July 2016

Rob Lloyd's journey into technical management started with him doing "bottom of the pile" work in theatre, but evolved into roles with much greater responsibility as he rapidly gained new skills. He eventually sidestepped into the music industry. Read more about his career.

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq on surviving in art

 5 May 2016

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq's art focuses on being an Asian Muslim deaf woman living in a Western world, and explores how deafness and disability affects our lives. Here is the story of how she worked twice as hard to be on a par with her hearing peers and the advice she has for future artists.

What employers are looking for in technical staff

 5 May 2016

Working in technical theatre and live events is fun, fast-paced and rewarding. If you're curious about careers in this area, there's good news: we need more skilled technicians in lighting, sound and stage, and available routes in are changing for the better. Here are 4 things employers in the industry are actually looking for.

5 practical tips for an aspiring actor

 19 April 2016

Don’t gamble with your career. The acting profession is hugely competitive, but there are ways to give yourself a better chance of success – and it’s not only down to your acting ability.

Image: 2014. Photographer: James Mollison

Yinka Shonibare MBE on working in art

 14 February 2016

Yinka Shonibare MBE uses mixed media to explore ideas such as class, colonialism and culture. A prolific conceptual artist, he is perhaps most commonly known for his ship in a bottle, which occupied Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth. He spoke to us about life as an artist and the challenges facing the next generation.

The Cato Academy trains future road crew and connects you with real professionals who work with some of the biggest artists in the world.

How to work backstage at a gig

 21 December 2015

Have you ever gone to a gig and wished you were working on it? Or maybe you’ve gone to a festival and wondered how it was all put together? Live music is a huge part of the music industry and there are lots of opportunities for getting involved.

Wool Matrix Rita Evans, performed at the Backstage Centre with Leslie Robinson & the Thurrock Knitters Circle. Photo: Rita Evans (2015)

Working in an art studio

 7 October 2015

Award-winning artist Rita Evans works where sculpture meets performance, but views drawing as the starting point. We spoke to her about how she developed her approach and what a typical day looks like for an artist in a studio.

4 tips for a career in museums

 21 September 2015

For a career in museums you need to have the right approach to professional development, says Charlotte Holmes from the Museums Association. She offers 4 key career tips for surviving and thriving in museums.

Salary and progression in graphic design

 8 September 2015

Interested in a graphic design career? This infographic created by Fifteen Design looks at typical salaries and progression routes, as well as giving key information and outlining desired skills and experience.

Being a project musician

 7 September 2015

Ed teaches people of all ages to sing, describing himself as "wildly passionate" about music. He explains how he became interested in community work as a profession and how Nina Simone was the person who got him into music.

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