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Sue Quinn's handmade bears are sold to collectors around the world.

Selling handmade toys

Sue Quinn makes teddy bears and sells them around the world. She spoke about how meeting a buyer from Japan opened up a whole new market for her work.

Mike Gadd sees his award-winning taxidermy as a form of specialised sculpture.

A career in taxidermy

Mike Gadd's job as a taxidermist allows him to combine his love of wildlife with his skills as a sculptor. He spoke about his work.

Sarah James runs a large craft fair to help makers sell their work.

From maker to manager

Sarah James worked as a ceramicist before becoming the director of the Contemporary Craft Fair in Devon. She explains why she contributes more to the craft scene this way, and what new makers need to know when starting their business.

A tapestry weaver's day could involve sitting at the loom all day, just simply weaving.

Being a tapestry weaver

Dovecot Studios is a leading contemporary tapestry studio. Weavers Douglas Grierson and Jonathan Cleaver, and director David Weir, share their perspective on the history and current state of tapestry.

Retail assistant Samantha is also an illustrative artist.

Managing the day job

Succeeding in a creative career can be a struggle. For some, the only way to achieve their ambitions is by combining their passion for creativity with a second job.

Bagpipes Galore play instruments for customers when they come in.

A career in bagpipe making

Bob Hay and Neil MacPhail, two workers at Bagpipes Galore in Edinburgh, describe what it's like to work in a bagpipe store and the challenges faced by people wanting to become a bagpipe maker.

John Birds is a joiner and cabinet maker at Chatsworth House.

A career in woodwork

John Birds is a joiner and cabinet maker at the Chatsworth House stately home. His job is anything to do with anything to do with woodwork, joinery and cabinet making.

Calligraphy work can involve illumination with gold.

A career in calligraphy

Cherrell Avery is a calligrapher who is passionate about the visual expression of words. She combines teaching, from beginner to expert, with producing private commissions.

Gail Kelly designs and produces table linen. Photography/styling by abigail*ryan.

5 tips for trade fairs

Gail Kelly lives in the countryside in Northern Ireland. By choosing the right trade fairs for her print-making business, she has ensured ongoing orders with buyers in the UK and Ireland.

Gill's specialism is nuno feltmaking. She has developed the concept of including beloved family lace into wearable works of art.

Advice for a craft career

Gill Burbidge teaches fibrecraft and feltmaking, as well as selling her crafts commercially. She offers her thoughts on what it means to be a craftsperson and gives six pieces of advice for working in a craft career.

A career as a furniture maker

Gareth Neal is a furniture designer and maker who rose to prominence for his traditional furniture with contemporary exteriors. He discusses his career and reflects on the furniture making industry.

Each bear takes about 30 hours to make.

Teddy bear maker

Gregory Gyllenship gave up a successful career in the City of London to make and design teddy bears. He spoke about how he achieved international standing for his creative career.

Vicky Lloyd set up her business, NEDay Crafts, after deciding to find a way to bring craft workshops and tutorials to more people.

Starting a craft business

NEDay Crafts is a craft business in the North East offering workshops, activity kits and online tutorials. NEDay’s Managing Director, Vicky Lloyd, spoke about the challenges of running your own craft business.

Nic Harrison is a potter and describes the challenges he faced when starting out.

A career in ceramics

Nic Harrison is a potter. He describes the challenges he faced when starting out, and the stumbling blocks for the ceramicists of tomorrow.

Wendy has won many awards and is also Director of Training for the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers.

A career in furnishings

Is it important to pass on craft skills? Wendy Shorter, founder of an upholstery and soft furnishing training centre, says it's imperative. She explains how she came to teach and why.

Melissa Cole 1 Photo Mark Somerville © 2011

Working as a blacksmith artist

Melissa Cole is an artist blacksmith, who designs and makes products from metal using traditional blacksmithing techniques.

Karen Arthur balances a full-time career as a teacher with her passion for making handbags.

Stay focused on your career

There’s no time like the present to start following your ambitions. So stop adding to your ‘to do’ list and start putting the plans you already have into action.

Each instrument is made by one person from start to finish.

Making musical instruments

Mike Anderson founded Starfish Designs after making a traditional Scottish harp for his daughter. Now he sells instruments worldwide and spoke about how he achieved this business success.

Tony's biggest rocking horse is 16ft high and 24ft long - it took a year to make!

Making rocking horses

Tony Dew wanted to work with wood. But he didn’t just want to accept any kind of wood work, so it was rocking horses or nothing. Find out what attracted him to revive an old craft.

Working as a piano technician

Rolf Dragsta has been a piano tuner and technician for over 40 years. Here he shares some thoughts on the the profession, including why these skills are becoming increasingly sought after. You can also see him in action in this short film.

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