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James Nunn's most recognisable design in recent years was for Lynne Truss’s massive bestseller, Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

A career in book cover design

James Nunn is a graphic artist and has designed countless book jackets for publishers. He spoke about how he built his career, with 3 tips for designing book covers.

Local authorities archivist

Ruth MacLeod is the Heritage Officer for the London Borough of Wandsworth. Based at Battersea Library, she looks after the Borough’s archives and local history library. The Heritage Service holds records dating back to 1489.

Volunteers are becoming increasingly important in the provision of library services.

6 paths for library volunteers

For many people volunteering is a natural extension of their involvement in their local library. Volunteers enhance the work of libraries by extending the number and range of services.

'Diversification is necessary for survival'

How to diversify your writing

In a world where nothing seems certain, diversification is necessary for survival. And in the creative industries, ‘slashers’ are rife: actor/writer, producer/director, teacher/playwright.

Mark Peasley one of six area managers and is based at library headquarters in Exeter. Photo by Michael Cameron photography.

Senior librarian and manager

Mark Peasley is an area manager with Devon Libraries. There are 50 libraries in the county. Mark manages ten of them spread across south Devon.

Wendy Cope, OBE, is an award-winning poet.

A career in poetry

Wendy Cope is a rarity in the literary world: a poet whose name is known to the public. She has won the Cholmondeley Award for her poetry collection, and was awarded an OBE for services to Literature.

One effect of digitisation is to increase access to archive and library collections.

New technology for libraries

Increasingly, libraries and archives use technology to change the way we can access and use the material they hold. Technology is also helping behind the scenes to manage library stock efficiently.

Melanie Clegg has published several novels using Kindle. Their success has enabled her to set herself up as a full-time writer.

Self-publishing success

After self-publishing her debut novel, Melanie Clegg built up an audience for her writing career. By the release of her third novel, she had sold over ten thousand books. She spoke about her journey.

Annette Howard’s works at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

From libraries to information

Annette Howard’s role as information executive involves gathering and distributing information.

Alison is the author of 'How to Get a Job in a Museum or Gallery' and co-author of 'How to Get a Job in Publishing'.

10 tips for a creative career

Alison Baverstock has written books on being a writer and how to find a job in both publishing and heritage. Having worked in a variety of creative jobs, she shared 10 pieces of advice for any creative career.

Jimmy Milliken is the volunteer co-ordinator at the National Trust.

Working at Giant’s Causeway

National Trust volunteer co-ordinator Jimmy Milliken talks about his job, and reveals the mythical origin of a heritage site in Northern Ireland.

Consider offers of free 'exposure' carefully before accepting, and decide whether the work will be enjoyable before agreeing.

When should you work for free?

When would you work for free? It's a topic of heated debate among freelancers and artists. Author and copywriter Chris Farnell discusses four scenarios where creatives decide to work for free.

'Shoes' was shown in the West End.

Making musical comedy

Richard Thomas co-wrote ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’, 'Shoes' and 'Anna Nicole'. Despite death threats and a high-profile blasphemy case, he is passionate about his creative career.

Sarah wrote the historical biographies Bird Of Paradise: The Colourful Career of the First Mrs Robinson and Elizabeth & Leicester.

Writing historical biographies

Sarah Gristwood is an acclaimed biographer whose books include Arbella: England’s Lost Queen, Bird of Paradise: the Colourful Career of the First Mrs Robinson; and Elizabeth and Leicester.

If you want to write for a living rather than just for fun, then you must accept that it won’t be easy. (Image: Fiona Mountain)

Taking your writing further

Sarah Scotcher is an editor at Rowanvale Books, an independent publishing firm in Wales that specialises in new authors. She offers 6 tips for people who are exploring publishing options.

Poet Lemn Sissay and author Tiffany Murray on being creative, the challenges of financing a creative career and advice for aspiring writers.

Advice for aspiring writers

Poet Lemn Sissay and author Tiffany Murray spoke to Creative Choices about being creative, the challenges of financing a creative career and advice for aspiring writers.

The legal profession relies on up-to-date and accurate information to research and prepare cases.

Working as a legal librarian

Helen Marshall works in the knowledge and information team at the law firm Harvey Ingram LLP. 400 staff are spread across the head office in Leicester and the four other offices in the Midlands.

Not everyone enters libraries, archives, information and records with a degree.

Get qualified for library work

Not everyone enters libraries, archives, information and records with a degree. Some take their qualifications once they’re in the profession.

Patrick Neate is a novelist, critic, scriptwriter and poet.

Award-winning novelist

Patrick Neate won a Betty Trask Award for his first novel ‘Musungu Jim and the Great Chief Tuloko’. A year later, he won a Whitbread Award for ‘Twelve Bar Blues’.

The records profession is changing, becoming more aligned to technical systems.

Managing records in a charity

Mark Thompson is the records manager at the British Red Cross. He is responsible for all records that need to be retained for legal or business reasons.

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