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Nick Hornby photographed by Holly Falconer, 2010 (© Holly Falconer, 2010)

Nick Hornby, sculptor

Cast in pristinely white synthetic marble, artist Nick Hornby's multifaceted, abstract structures blend familiar fragments from a variety of art historical references.

Melissa Cole 1 Photo Mark Somerville © 2011

Working as a blacksmith artist

Melissa Cole is an artist blacksmith, who designs and makes products from metal using traditional blacksmithing techniques.

Sook-Kyung Lee, Curator at Tate Liverpool. Photography by Roger Sinek.

Curator at Tate Liverpool

Sook-Kyung Lee is a curator at Tate Liverpool. She combines the academic approach of a traditional museum curator with a remit to bring what is often quite demanding work to a wide audience.

Images © Tim Bradford 2009

From artist to entrepreneur

Making the transition from being a student to establishing an arts practice, business, or career within the creative and cultural industries is a challenging but exciting journey.

Ross Chalmers has works at Hannah Barry Gallery, a gallery located in Peckham’s Copeland Cultural Quarter

How to be a gallery technician

Gallery technicians work behind the scenes to move artworks and ensure exhibitions are installed according to the artist or curator's brief. Find out the skills needed to pursue this career.

Amy Vaughan spent six months at the Royal Academy in London on a Cultural Leadership Programme Peach Placement.

Learning about leadership

Amy Vaughan is Director of Operations at The Junction venue in Cambridge. She spent six months at the Royal Academy in London on a Cultural Leadership Programme Peach Placement to learn about leadership and arts organisation.

Sculptures in fruit cake and fondant icing:

Making edible art

Connie Viney is an artist who creates outlandish and larger-than-life sculptures and installations made from cake and icing. She spoke about how she started her creative career.

Curator Cecilia Wee shares how the term 'curator' is being redefined and how she curates a show. Image: Cecilia Wee.

Being an independent curator

Independent curator Cecilia Wee challenges the term 'curator', giving insight into this changing position along with 5 tips for independent curating.

Identify the types of galleries you want to approach and why you are approaching them.

How to approach art galleries

Approaching galleries takes time and research. Different types of spaces require slightly different approaches.

Ruth Macdonald, artist

What is a curator?

To succeed in curating you have to be highly committed to working with art and artists, be driven and motivated, but also flexible to new ideas and opportunities.

Nikki works freehand and direct with the wire mesh, with no moulding or casting.

A career in figure sculpture

Nikki Taylor is a sculptor, creating beautiful and expressive sculptures of the human form. She works mostly with woven wire mesh, and also in bronze, from her Surrey-based studio.

Communication skills are vital for education work.

Working in arts education

Three education practitioners from Shakespeare's Globe, Chatsworth House and Derry Tower Museum spoke about their career journeys, and why an arts organisation's education department is a valuable asset.

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq on surviving in art

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq's art focuses on being an Asian Muslim deaf woman living in a Western world, and explores how deafness and disability affects our lives. Here is the story of how she worked twice as hard to be on a par with her hearing peers and the advice she has for future artists.

Paul Hoggard is a sand sculpture.

Sand sculpture

Sand artist Paul Hoggard describes discovering a love of sand sculpting, the ever-growing global sand scene, and how it took him ten years for his hobby to become a full-time job.

Cellist Li Lu played the ''Summer House' glass project for the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Architectural glass business

Lauren Sagar is a practising glass artist. She spoke about the various projects, insights and experiences of her creative business Sagar and Campbell.

Sculpting and casting in metal

Making objects from metal casting is a craft that goes back thousands of years. Professional caster James Virgo talks about the process of casting metals and tells us about his creative career.

Getting taken on by a gallery happens through networking, word of mouth, introduction, or having seen the work of an artist.

How to get your art exhibited

There are many avenues for an artist to pursue in order to get work exhibited. Much depends on your career to-date, the nature of the work you make, and the area in which you live.

The Singh Twins Amrit and Rabindra are internationally acclaimed contemporary British artists.

New ideas for traditional art

The Singh Twins create contemporary images using traditional Indian miniature painting techniques.

Henry Wyndham has worked at Sotheby's art auction house for 15 years, and has been in the art world for 35 years.

Art auction career

Henry Wyndham has worked at Sotheby's art auction house for 15 years, and has been in the art world for 35 years.

Mark always wanted to pursue a career in art. Stephen Fry illustration by Mark Boardman.

Being a freelance illustrator

Mark Boardman is a successful artist and illustrator, whose painterly style is distinctive and captivating. He creates book covers, posters and other illustration for editorial.

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