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Tim Brown is the founder and Managing Director of the community music organization Raw Material.

Community musician

Community musicians are musicians who work with individuals or groups to make music. They can function as a cross between community development workers and music tutors. Their work may be wholly based around developing musical ability. Community musicians also have a responsibility to achieve social goals through musical activity.


Music composers write new scores for individuals, groups and orchestras. They apply knowledge of musical elements such as rhythm, melody and texture to their work. Some composers also write songs and lyrics.

Computer game designer

Computer game designers aim to create an original game that will stimulate curiosity and excitement in the target market. Designing a commercially viable game requires an understanding of the conventions and culture of game playing.

Conservation officer

Conservation officers in the cultural heritage sector give advice and control the management of historic places. They can work on a number of sites including buildings, monuments, gardens or areas of historic interest. The intention is to either retain or enhance historic places to a good operational standard.

Conservation worker

Conservation workers in the cultural heritage sector improve the condition of objects and places of historical interest. They may be responsible for a specific area of work such as historic buildings, sites, collections or works of art.

Conservators examine each item to assess and record damage.


Conservators can work on all items in a heritage collection, from textiles to buildings. They are concerned with items' physical conditions.

As a designer, you might work with a team of people in the wardrobe department.

Costume designer

The costume designer is responsible for designing all the costumes to be worn in a production. This can involve a mix of designing from scratch, and sourcing existing items of clothing.

Owen Wall, ceramicst.

Craft worker-maker

Craft workers are involved in making objects and implementing craft techniques. They carry out a range of activities using a variety of different materials. A craft worker/maker may use traditional skills in their work. They may also use more modern or innovative approaches and techniques.

Part of the job is attracting prestigious new accounts to the agency. Image: IDEO London

Creative director

A creative director shapes the creative style and quality of a studio, agency or design department. They are responsible for the organisation's creative output.


Critics in the creative industries write critical features and comment pieces for newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and the internet. They give informed opinion on books, films, plays, shows and exhibitions. Their commentary provides information to the reader, along with personal views on the object of their commentary.

Curators are responsible for the development of the collection, right the way to the final display. Image: RBG Kew.


Curators are responsible for managing and developing the collection, making sure it is kept and displayed appropriately.

Dance teachers educate and instruct dance.

Dance teacher

Dance teachers educate and instruct on different forms of dance. They work with individuals and groups of all ages and abilities to help them learn dance practices.

Benjamin Cook and Peta Cook, swing dancers, Swingcopation.


Dance is a term for describing ways of using the body to tell stories, interpret music and express emotion. Some dance forms require an intense training starting from an early age; others can be learned later.

Development staff

Development staff in cultural heritage help to deliver a range of initiatives to a local area. They work with others to establish, develop and manage cultural heritage related activities. This includes working with a range of partners to ensure a local strategy for heritage meets its aims and objectives.

Your job is to encourage performers to develop the ability to speak in different accents and dialects with confidence.

Dialect coach

Dialect coaches or voice coaches work with actors to develop and improve their vocal technique, and help them adopt convincing character accents.

Diamond cutters work with rough diamonds, but they also restore diamonds found in antique jewellery. Photo: Holts Academy

Diamond Cutter

Diamond cutters take a rough diamond and use a variety of techniques to form it into a traditional diamond for jewellery.

The setting for the diamond depends on its size and shape and the effect required for the finished piece of jewellery. Photo: Holts Academy

Diamond Setter

Diamond setters add diamonds to pieces of jewellery such as rings, bracelets and earrings.

David Questa, freelance	digital artist/ lighting designer.

Digital artist

Digital artists use digital image editing software and drawing programmes to manipulate images which may have been created from scratch or created digitally on the screen. Images or objects are often scanned in, including hand drawings and photographs.

The director comes up with the 'vision' for a production.


Theatre directors take responsibility for the overall creative production of plays.

Jodrell mycology collection

Documentation staff

As well as recording items in the collection, documentation staff keep records of the activities of the collection.

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