Interactive designer

Interactive designers produce web designs for internet sites. The design must provide both a useable interface for the client, along with an understandable format for the viewer. Interactive design must also ensure that the graphic design used enhances the user experience. The designer has to strike a balance between innovation and the feasibility and budget of a project.

Interior designers need an in-depth understanding of architecture and buildings as well as excellent design skills.

Interior designer

Interior designers work with others to design building interiors. These can be commercial, residential, public sector or heritage sites.

Design and coordinate lighting projects from inception to completion. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Lighting designer

Lighting designers work to ensure effective lighting for a commercial or residential property. They aim to enhance a building's environment through lighting.

Model maker

Model makers design and make models of different items. These can range from products such as mobile phones and DVD players to construction developments such as new libraries and shopping centres.

Experience using software design packages is invaluable. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Multimedia designer

Multimedia designers create a variety of screen-based multimedia products.

You may develop a specialism in a particular type of packaging or product.

Packaging designer

Packaging designers develop the shape, style and graphics on a package. The aim is to make the product sell and be usable.

Kal Chottai is a product designer and creative consultant. This is one of his a creations, a Stellar Astro light.

Product designer

Product designers can either work on completely new products or try to make improvements on existing products.

The work may involve travel to meetings with clients. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Project manager

Project managers deal with the business aspect of a design project, such as liaising with teams and clients and managing budgets.

The consumer experience is all-important. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Retail designer

Retail designers aim to create a positive consumer experience in retail spaces. They design shop fronts, interiors, point of sales and displays.

Service design involves mapping a user's journey through an experience. Image: IDEO London

Service designer

Service design is about the way customers experience services. Designers research how users behave and respond to products and experiences.

You will need to have design skills and a background in art and design.

Set designer

Set designers work with the director and creative team to produce sets and scenery which enhance the experience of the show.

Sound designers work in a wide variety of settings, from live events to a mobile phone design firm. Image: University of the Creative Arts

Sound designer

Sound design can involve making sure the mix of sounds is correct at a live event, designing the sound effects on a mobile phone, and many other things.

Simeon Tachev is a carpenter at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Stage designer

Stage designers are responsible for designing stage settings for productions. This can range from single scene dramas, to complex scenery and scene changes required by major productions.

Staff at Form, a graphic design studio and branding agency in London. Image: Form UK

Studio administration

A design studio needs to be managed and coordinated. An administrator may be the first point of contact for all clients or potential clients.

Beth Gilmour, jewellery designer.

Studio jeweller

Studio jewellers are craft workers usually working as goldsmiths and silversmiths. They make ornamental objects out of precious metals, as well as other materials. Studio jewellers mainly use gold and silver in their work, but may also use platinum. Precious stones may also be incorporated into the jewellery created, although working with gemstones is often a separate job.

Technical illustrator

Technical illustrators prepare detailed drawings to help people understand complex information. They may also be scientific illustrators, working specifically on scientific information.

Heidi Rhodes, textile artist

Textile designer

Textile designers create designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics. These can be used for furnishings, clothing, packaging and floor and wall coverings.

Emma Shipley, print maker.

Textile makers

Textile makers create objects ranging from fashion items to decorative items from textiles. They use a number of different methods in their work. Textile making may involve using a sewing machine or painting and dying textiles. They may also use textiles to create fine art objects or installations.

Typographers specialise in fonts and lettering and its role in graphic design. Image: University of the Creative Arts


Typography is the area within graphic design which deals specifically with lettering and typefaces.

User experience design covers many kinds of technology and user journeys. Image: Multiadaptor

User experience designer

User experience (UX) is design that focuses on the relationship people have with technology. UX designers ensure products and systems are as accessible as possible.

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