Designing jewellery

3 Job profiles in total for Designing jewellery

The size and type of company will determine how involved you become in the production of the jewellery. Photo: Holts Academy

CAD/CAM designer

CAD/CAM designers use CAD (computer-aided design) to produce jewellery designs and CAM (computer-aided manufacture) to create a product.

Some jewellery designers are jewellery makers as well and others produce the designs for someone else to make.  Photo: Holts Academy

Jewellery designer

A jewellery designer designs pieces of jewellery. Some designers are jewellery makers as well, while others produce designs for others to make.

Beth Gilmour, jewellery designer.

Studio jeweller

Studio jewellers are craft workers usually working as goldsmiths and silversmiths. They make ornamental objects out of precious metals, as well as other materials. Studio jewellers mainly use gold and silver in their work, but may also use platinum. Precious stones may also be incorporated into the jewellery created, although working with gemstones is often a separate job.

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