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7 Job profiles in total for Selling jewellery

You will need to be very well-organised and to be someone who enjoys working with computers to manage data and prepare documents. Photo: Hol


Administrators deal with customers, run offices, and take care of the day-to-day running of a jewellery business.

Jewellery buyers select and develop the product ranges that are on sale in retail outlets or online. Keeping abreast of the latest jewellery


Buyers must stay on top of the latest trends in jewellery. They choose what is sold in shops or online, often buying stock from designers.

Ecommerce involves selling products via a website and this involves many different business functions and roles, depending on the size of th


Ecommerce involves selling products via a website. This involves many different business functions and roles, depending on the size of the company.

Jobs in logistics involve extensive contact with other people, including staff at retail head office, the suppliers and retail branches. Bui

Logistics work

Logistics is about making sure jewellery travels smoothly from the supplier to the customer.

Consumer behaviour and understanding the target audience for a brand, product or range is an important aspect of marketing. Photo: Holts Aca


Jobs in jewellery marketing involve promoting brands and products which may be sold online or in retail outlets.

Annett Gerritse, Morning Glory ring, silver, monel mesh, coral beads, nylon wire. Photo: Association for Contemporary Jewellery


Jewellery merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that each branch of a retail chain has the right amount of stock at any given time.

Retail assistants advise customers who are looking to buy jewellery. (Rose gold and enamel hearts by Tessa Holland.) Photo: Association for

Retail assistant

If you work in jewellery sales, you will normally work in a high street, shopping centre or out of town location.

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