19 Job profiles in total for Literature

Angharad Lee, Cyfarwyddwr llawrydd Asiant Creadigol

Angharad Lee Cyfarwyddwr llawrydd Asiant Creadigol gydag ACW Cyfarwyddwr Artistig Leeway Productions Darlithydd ym Mhrifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant

An author writes fiction or non-fiction books.


An author writes either fiction or non-fiction books. These are sometimes also adapted for other media. This can include television and radio serialisation or a film adaptation.


Critics in the creative industries write critical features and comment pieces for newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and the internet. They give informed opinion on books, films, plays, shows and exhibitions. Their commentary provides information to the reader, along with personal views on the object of their commentary.

An interest in drama and literature is important for a dramaturg.


A dramaturg is a theatre practitioner who focuses on how to convey the particular message the director wants to highlight.


Publishing editors are responsible for the style and content of publications.

Much of a head of service's work is strategic, with oversight of day to day operations.

Head of Information Service

The head of an information service may be responsible for more than one area, including libraries, information services, archives, arts and learning, knowledge and information, and records management.

Every organisation needs to gather, store, analyse and communicate information.

Information officer

Information officers make sure that high quality, accurate information can easily be found by their colleagues, customers and members of the public.

Librarians work in local public libraries, in academic and university libraries and in colleges, schools and prisons.


Librarians collect and organise information in libraries so it is available to people who want to access it.

An important part of the work of a library assistant is greeting library users.

Library assistant

Library assistants help librarians in the work of collecting and organising information in libraries so it is available to people who want to access it.

Working as a shelver can provide useful experience of library work for those wishing to become librarians.

Library Shelver

Shelvers support the work of librarians and other library staff, helping to keep the library stock in good order so users can find what they need.

The work done by library volunteers varies from library to library.

Library Volunteer

Nowadays many libraries and archives rely on teams of volunteers who work alongside the regular, employed staff.

Writing for theatre requires you to create the essentials of the play.


The playwright or dramatist is the author of a production, the writer or adapter of the original play. Often they work alone, but sometimes they also collaborate with a director and the cast.

Publications (cultural heritage)

Publications staff officers in the cultural heritage sector are responsible for all the publication material designed and produced by an organisation.

Many museums and heritage organisations have their own range of literature or journals.


Publishers handle written content for a heritage organisation. This can include books, journals, papers, magazines and websites.

Records assistants work under the supervision of a records manager.

Records assistant

Records assistants are employed by a variety of organisations including local and central government, universities, large companies, banks and other financial institutions, museums, galleries and charities.

Records management is a relatively new profession. Experienced records managers can become self-employed consultants.

Records manager

Records managers are responsible for managing the retention and storage of records.

Senior managers use their experience to contribute to the running of their organisation.

Senior Information Manager

Senior managers are in charge of organising a particular aspect of an information service. They may work as part of the senior management team and be one of several managers working together under a head of service.

Teacher (arts)

Arts teachers educate people taking part in performing, visual and literary arts. Coaches, tutors and teachers motivate people and help them achieve their goals. They help people learn the skills they need to perform to the best of their ability in a specific area. They also advise performers and artists on how to further improve their performance or art.

Fiona Mountain, writer.


Writers create work for novels, short stories, children's books, plays and poetry. They can also write articles for newspapers and magazines, non-fiction and material for digital and broadcast media.

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