Music teacher

Music teachers work in the education and training sector in a variety of roles. They have to be qualified, well-trained and versatile in order to teach in a number of settings.

Stephen Thomson, bow maker

Musical and audio repairs

Musical instrument repairers and tuners maintain instruments and equipment. Their work gives the item a high quality of sound. Musical instrument repairers work on a wide range of musical instruments. Most specialise in one instrument such as a piano. Others have knowledge of a group of instruments such as woodwind (clarinet, flute, oboe and saxophone).

Stephen Thomson, bow maker

Musical instrument maker

Musical instrument makers produce and maintain instruments. For many instrument makers carrying out repairs is part of their job. They may work on a range of instruments, however most will specialise in a particular one. Makers may occasionally specialise in a group of instruments such as wooding (clarinet, flute etc).

Musical instruments and audio equipment distribution

Musical instruments and audio equipment distributors ensure that these products are available to retail stores. Many musical instruments, particularly electronic instruments and equipment are manufactured abroad and imported. The distributor's job is to ensure that these are available to retailers. They must also inform retailers on the availability of certain items.

Performer, recording artist

Performers or recording artists play music that is recorded for future listening. They are singers, classical and popular musicians and backing or support performers. They may also be part of an orchestra or band or group. Recording artists may be recorded in the studio alone, or with a backing group or orchestra. They may also be recorded from a live performance.

Producer (live events)

Producers of live events are responsible for running successful live spectacles. The producer works on live shows and events in the music industry such as concerts and music festivals. They must coordinate technical staff and performers to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have to have high quality acts and performers for a successful event. Live events may be one-offs or regular annual events. They can be held in indoor and outdoor music venues of all sizes.

Junior Alli, sound technician.

Producer-engineer (music)

A producer's role is to pull together the separate parts of a sound recording. Producers work with bands, or make decisions on the types of musicians required to record a piece of music. They also make decisions on the type of recording process to use and the budget available.

Extensive experience in live events is essential.

Production Manager

Production managers have overall responsibility for managing the logistics of live events.

A display might cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. There are no rehearsals, and mistakes can be serious.


Pyrotechnicians are involved in firework or pyrotechnic displays during a live music event.

Record label manager

In the music industry, record label managers carry out a range of functions.

Record retail manager

A record retail manager manages either an online or physical music store. They sell records, videos, MP3s and other products associated with recorded music. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of a store, and aim to improve its commercial performance.

Recording industry producer

Recording industry producers organise all aspects of a recording session. Most operate in the traditional way of working with performers in a recording studio. They often do this with the assistance of a sound engineer. Others use their own equipment to try out ideas. They then apply these using a commercial recording studio for the final recording.

Rheolwr Teithiau

Mae rheolwyr teithiau’n gyfrifol am gynllunio a threfnu logisteg (sef symud offer a phobl) band, cerddorfa, côr neu artist cerddorol pan fydd ar daith, a sicrhau bod popeth yn digwydd yn esmwyth ac o fewn y terfynau amser.

Training can be gained on-the-job and via short courses.


Riggers work with complex audio and visual installations, moving light technologies, projectors and plasma screens.

Sales staff (music)

Sales staff in music work directly in shops or retail outlets with customers. They answer queries, give information and sell products. Sales staff in music can also work for suppliers of musical instruments and equipment. They may sell to retailers or directly, offering advice and demonstrating instruments and equipment.

Aim to get as much experience of singing a very wide range of music.

Singing Coach

Singing coaches or singing teachers work with individuals or groups of singers to develop and improve their singing ability and technique.

Shane Solanki from the Last Mango in Paris band.


Songwriters, or lyricists, compose lyrics and melodies for solo artists, groups or choirs. The music could be pop, rock, soul, jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, country folk or other genres.

Michael Cobb, AV engineer, Firefly Audio Visual.

Sound engineer

Sound engineers work in the theatre & dance sector to handle all aspects of a productions sound. They ensure that speech, music and sound effects can be heard to the best effect in a theatre production.

Junior Alli, sound technician.

Sound technician

Sound technicians ensure that the best sound possible is available in a variety of venues for performances. They prepare, operate and maintain technical equipment to amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound. They work in recording studios, films, radio and television programmes (on set or location) and live performances, including theatre, music and dance.

Theatre sound technicia's look after a productions sound, from music to speech and effects

Sound work

Sound technicians and engineers are responsible for everything about what a production physically sounds like. They often also work closely with designers.

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