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Get experience of as many different types of dance as possible.


Choreographers create routines and movement sequences for singers and musicians to perform.

Tim Brown is the founder and Managing Director of the community music organization Raw Material.

Community musician

Community musicians are musicians who work with individuals or groups to make music. They can function as a cross between community development workers and music tutors. Their work may be wholly based around developing musical ability. Community musicians also have a responsibility to achieve social goals through musical activity.

Education staff (music)

Education staff workers in the music sector support the work of teachers and development officer. They work in music related venues to enable visitors to ensure an educational experience. They may work with individual children or visitors, small groups or a whole class. The work often involves helping children and other visitors by explaining specific activities to them. They may also support children to make sense of a performance.

Philip Bateman is a musical director and singing coach. He teaches songs, arranges vocal harmonies, conducts cast and band for a musical.

Music director

Music directors are responsible for making the creative decisions associated with a live performance.

Music teacher

Music teachers work in the education and training sector in a variety of roles. They have to be qualified, well-trained and versatile in order to teach in a number of settings.

Aim to get as much experience of singing a very wide range of music.

Singing Coach

Singing coaches or singing teachers work with individuals or groups of singers to develop and improve their singing ability and technique.

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