Special effects

Special effects and pyrotechnics staff are responsible for special effects and pyrotechnics required as part of a production. In some shows, for example using magic, special effects may be an integral part of an act.

Simeon Tachev is a carpenter at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Stage designer

Stage designers are responsible for designing stage settings for productions. This can range from single scene dramas, to complex scenery and scene changes required by major productions.

As a stage manager, you're in charge of making sure that every physical part of the show.

Stage manager

Stage managers coordinate all aspects of a theatre production or event, including actors, technical staff, props, scenery and costumes. They make sure technicians and performers alike are in the right place at the right time and ready to meet their cues.


Stagehands in performing arts are the behind scenes support staff for a production. They carry out a wide variety of jobs backstage to ensure a production is successful.

David Hardcastle, stand-up comedian.

Stand-up comedian

A stand-up comedian performs a humorous solo act in front of live audiences in clubs, pubs, theatres and a range of other venues. They might perform on cruise liners, at holiday resorts and for private and corporate events. Highly successful stand-up comics may be filmed for television broadcasts or become part of radio programmes.

Benjamin Cook and Peta Cook, swing dancers from Swingcopation.

Street theatre performer

Street theatre performers provide live performances and installation in a variety of outdoor settings including:

Teacher (arts)

Arts teachers educate people taking part in performing, visual and literary arts. Coaches, tutors and teachers motivate people and help them achieve their goals. They help people learn the skills they need to perform to the best of their ability in a specific area. They also advise performers and artists on how to further improve their performance or art.

Technegydd Sain

Mae technegwyr sain yn sicrhau bod y sain orau bosib ar gael mewn gwahanol leoliadau ar gyfer perfformiadau. Maent yn paratoi, gweithredu a chynnal a chadw offer technegol sy’n gallu chwyddo, gwella, cymysgu neu gopïo sain. Maent yn gweithio mewn stiwdios recordio, ar ffilmiau, ar raglenni radio a theledu (ar set neu mewn lleoliad penodol) ac ar berfformiadau byw – gan gynnwys perfformiadau theatr, cerddoriaeth a dawns.

Technical manager

A technical manager in the theatre & dance sector coordinates a production's technical staff. This could include the set making staff, lighting staff and props making staff.

Mansoor Mir, actor/director.

Theatre director

A theatre director co-ordinates all aspects of a theatrical production for the stage. They work from the production stages and rehearsals through to the final performance.

Hannah Lobelson, wardrobe manager at Shakespeare's Globe.

Wardrobe assistant

Wardrobe assistants work to provide support with costumes and accessories. Performances like plays and musicals rely on a strong wardrobe team to make the production look credible.

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