12 Job profiles in total for Management

As an actors' agent, you need to be able to work with a wide range of people.

Actors’ agent

Agents are often the first point of contact for anyone looking to hire actors. Few actors work without the support of an agent.

Working to represent performers and individuals.


Agents in theatre & dance, film and television work to represent performers and individuals. Agents can also supply artists for corporate and private events. Their clients may include actors, singers, dancers or supporting artists.

Angharad Lee, Cyfarwyddwr llawrydd Asiant Creadigol

Angharad Lee Cyfarwyddwr llawrydd Asiant Creadigol gydag ACW Cyfarwyddwr Artistig Leeway Productions Darlithydd ym Mhrifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant

It is the artistic director's responsibility to take the theatre in a direction that people will want to engage with.

Artistic director

The artistic director makes sure their theatre is putting on the kind of shows that fit with the artistic aims of the organisation.

Working in cinemas, theatres and concert halls.

Box office staff

Box office staff work in cinemas, theatres and concert halls. They are responsible for taking bookings and payments for tickets. Box office staff also arrange for group visits and discounts. They may also advise on seating for people with disabilities or special needs.

Finance staff (arts)

Finance staff officers in the performing and visual arts sectors provide administrative support to organisations.

The aim of the front-of-house team is to make the theatre a welcoming place for all visitors, staff and volunteers.

Front-of-house work

The 'front-of-house' of a theatre refers to all areas accessed by the public, including the auditorium. Front of house staff look after the public to make sure their visit is safe and enjoyable.

Gwaith goleuo

Mae arbenigwyr goleuo yn hanfodol i’r theatr. Gall eu gwaith gynnwys dylunio, gweithredu rigiau goleuadau a gofalu am offer.

A Marketing Officer makes sure the theatre sends out the right image to the public.

Marketing officer

Marketing is about understanding what a customer wants and promoting this product, event or service. It is also making sure the public is talking about a brand, which for the arts sector could be a theatre, museum, art gallery or community arts project.

Producer (live events)

Producers of live events are responsible for running successful live spectacles. The producer works on live shows and events in the music industry such as concerts and music festivals. They must coordinate technical staff and performers to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have to have high quality acts and performers for a successful event. Live events may be one-offs or regular annual events. They can be held in indoor and outdoor music venues of all sizes.

Rheolwr Llwyfan

Mae rheolwyr llwyfan yn cydlynu pob agwedd ar gynhyrchiad theatr neu ddigwyddiad, gan gynnwys actorion, staff technegol, propiau, setiau a gwisgoedd. Maent yn sicrhau bod technegwyr a pherfformwyr yn y lle cywir ar yr adeg gywir, yn barod i wneud eu rhan.

Mansoor Mir, actor/director.

Theatre director

A theatre director co-ordinates all aspects of a theatrical production for the stage. They work from the production stages and rehearsals through to the final performance.

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