I’m not quite sure where to start with my jewellery career.

Karen is wondering how to get started with a jewellery career.

I’ve done a little bit of jewellery making when my little one was still in a playgroup. I love making jewellery and would like to have a career in it, but I don’t know where to start.

What is the best place to go to for more information? I live in Droitwich, and my kids are in full time school now, so I really want to get start. I have some mental heath problems, and I might be able to get help with funding if I need to.

Please can you help? I feel I’m going around in circles at the moment.

— Karen

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Harriet Kelsall's reply:

​Hi Karen,

First of all congratulations on deciding to turn your passion into a career - an exciting choice!

Have you done a jewellery making course yet?  For example an evening course?  I am sure there will be courses offered in Birmingham jewellery quarter.  A course might be a good place to start because it can help you learn more about jewellery making and then you can think about which direction you want to go in within the jewellery industry.  For example are you interested in beading, or in silversmithing, or perhaps engraving or stone setting etc.  You could start by asking the Birmingham school of jewellery what courses they run that might work for you.

Another idea might be to look for some work experience in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham.  For example you could offer your time for a few hours a week whilst the kids are at school to help out a company and learn whilst you help…even if you are just making the tea you can learn loads and experience the industry a bit.  This could be great because you can also get some good contacts this way too.

Good luck!

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