I want to become a theatre director

Matthew needs advice on how to get into directing.

I’m 19 years old, living in London. I studied after leaving school for 2 years, one year doing performing arts (performance) and the second year doing production arts (stage management etc.).

I am currently working in retail which isn’t something I really want too do, I look every day for theatre jobs and opportunities. I want to become a theatre director but how do I get into it?

I’ve done work experience in five different West End theatres on major musicals but need advice on how to get into directing to pursue my career.

— Matthew

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Jayne Lewis's reply:


Do you have a profile with Ideas Tap? If not, set one up now, it’s very easy, free and there’s loads of opportunities to apply for internships, jobs, or pitch for projects, mentorships etc; especially in your age bracket.

Register for ‘Arts Jobs’ and ‘Arts News’ on the Arts Council England website, you can set preferences and they’ll email you opportunities on a daily basis.

Look up High Tide, loads of help for emerging directors and new writing.

Maybe it’s the right time to contact the soon to be new Director of the National Theatre, Rufus Norris, he may just offer a few days shadow, when he starts in March?

Don’t be afraid to ask. All successful directors received their first break and although they may be busy, hopefully they would want to offer that same help to someone like yourself.

Best wishes


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