I want to be a museum curator

I have graduated with a Sociology degree. Will I be able to pursue a carrer as a museum curator? If yes, how and where do I start? 

— Benedetta Pantaloni

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Kate Kneale 's reply:

Hi Benedetta,

Museums are complex eco systems which draw on many skills and talents. Be warned, you are planning to enter a world which in the UK is very underfunded, so paid positions are hard to get and even then pay levels are very low.

Museum curators often come into the sector with degrees in history or a background in education, and there are now more specialist museums studies degrees so you will need to show how your background and degree will bring new skills into the museum. Few enter the sector without working as an intern/ volunteer and that is probably where you will need to start. Check out the Museum Association (http://www.museumsassociation.org/home) you will find opportunities and contacts advertised there. 

Left field suggestion - visit 50 museums, make a blog about your response to them and become active in groups like this which are working to look at the positioning of museums for the future: http://www.happymuseumproject.org/

The museum sector needs dynamic driven people. If you are one you will find a place witihin it.

Good luck. 


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