What kind of work is good work?

Marjorie wants to know what is acceptable work experience.

I’m a recent graduate in costume design. 

I’m finding that when I am offered work, it’s for work that is for free, and not creative or career enhancing. It never ends up resulting in paid work.

How do I handle those “work placements” and what should I really not accept? 


— Marjorie Frick

Expert answers

Simon Pascoe's reply:

​Accept the work that inspires you or offers you a new skill or challenge. Dump the others. The last thing you want is to loose your creative inspiration through boredom and frustration. As I’m sure you’re aware there isn’t a lot of money around in theatre and the arts, and most of us I should think started on nothing. It takes luck, hopefully talent, but definitely commitment and perseverance - not necessarily in that order!

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