Where should I study CAD/CAM?

LV Summer wants to know the best places in the UK to study CAD.

Where are the best places to study CAD/CAM design?

— LV Summer

Expert answers

Harriet Kelsall's reply:


I think the British Jewellers Association will have a list of establishments that offer CAD design courses related to jewellery. http://www.bja.org.uk/.

I know that Holts Academy offer a good course as I can recommend this as I send some colleagues on it and they found it very good.  I’m sure they will probably offer one a the Birmingham school of jewellery too.  The makers of Matrix offer a very good course themselves.

But the British Jewellers Association should be able to give you a comprehensive list of jewellery related CAD courses.

Good luck!


Jack Meyer's reply:

​Dear LV Summer:

As with any subject, I believe the best way to learn CAD is to take a course on it. Harriet has given some good advice as to where to start looking and some good places to find courses. 

But I’d also like to add, for the sake of those who are too far away from a school or cannot find time during the day to get to a course, that there are other options. It seems every major CAD program used for design and manufacturing nowadays has some sort of selection of video tutorials. The problem with them, however, is their quality can be quite uneven as many different people of varying abilities contribute freely to YouTube. In an attempt to improve on this, I’ve been working to gather in one place a selection of the best video tutorials for every major 2D and 3D CAD software package used for jewellery. You can find my lists of best CAD video tutorials here: http://www.cadjewelleryskills.com/basic_jewellery_cad_video_tutorials/


Another option would be to arrange private tuition. If time or distance is a issue for you, then there are some individuals and institutions offer one-to-one instruction which can tailor a course to your individual needs. By focusing the course to fit your speed of learning, this can allow you to make the most out of your time and travel costs, while still allowing you to get the best possible training. As one example, Holts Academy also offers one-to-one masterclasses in many subjects including CAD. I hope that helps. Give us a shout if you have any other questions. Regards,


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