Can you recommend a way to find luxury jewellery internships in London?

Chloe is hoping to find a luxury jewellery internship in London.

​I have FGA and DGA qualifications from the Gem-A and am currently at Edinburgh Uni studying History. I also have some experience in making jewellery.

Are there any good internships at luxury jewellery companies in London I could apply for in the summer? I’m interested in all departments really!

— Chloe

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Harriet Kelsall's reply:

​Hello Chloe,

Well done on getting your qualifications!  It is a great idea to look for a placement as you will learn loads that way and get a good little bit of experience on your CV.

I have noticed that internships are sometimes advertised in Benchpeg online magazine :- 

However I think there are a lot of other internships available which don’t get advertised.  In the past when I was in your shoes, I found that targeting companies and just turning up for a chat about an internship worked well….or phoning them if it is too far away might work too.  Don’t give up too easily though - you might have to phone 20 of 30 companies before you find somebody who says yes!

Good luck!


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