Do you have any advice for getting back into design?

Luke asks whether taking a few years out has affected his chance of a design career.

After finishing a degree in Graphic Design, I went onto to study Fine Art in the south of France as I thought this would help me broaden my influences and improve my skills as a designer. 

After one year at art school I stayed on in France for a further two years. I have now returned to the UK and I’m now focused on getting my career kick-started. 

Do you have any tips on how I can make myself more employable and build some current work for portfolio? Would it be advisable to enroll on a design ‘refresher’ course or go down the internship route?

— Luke

Expert answers

Paul West's reply:

​Hi Luke - it really depends on how confident you feel regarding your earlier body of work from college, and how rusty you feel as a designer. I think if you are trained as a designer, you’ll always be a designer so I’m not personally sure a I would go for a refresher course… I would be thinking about an internship to give you some hands-on training, get to see the way the industry works and get some new work in your portfolio. 

As a partner in a design agency who regularly sees student / graduate portfolios, I think your fine art skills would be a fascinating addition to your design portfolio, adding another perspective to your work so good move!

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