Do you need to study interior design at university?

Abby wants to know if you can work in interior design without the exact degree.

Is the design and innovation degree in the open university suitable to acquire the skills for interior designing? Is it well accredited as you are learning from your own back? Alongside plentiful different and in depth work experience, would this degree be enough to become a successful interior designer?

Many thanks.

— Abby

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Helen Hughes's reply:

Hello Abby

I'm not hugely familiar with this course but looking at the progamme it certainly seems to cover a wide range of topics suitbale for a career within a commercial interior design practice. 

In terms of it 'being enough', there will be other skills you will need to acquire outside of the program such as CAD, space planning, material properties and uses etc but a lot of these can be learned while gaining experience at a good practice. If you are concerned about the value of the degree but need to study on a part-time basis there are a few part time degrees in interior design, such as Middlesex and London Met which you may wish to research.

As the field of design is changing and service and experience design become more and more prioritized a more encompassing design and innovation degree may well be a greater advantage to you in the long term depending what your end goal is. If the contents of the degree holds a real interest to you then I would pursue it and keep creating and investigating spacial projects as you proceed. 

There are many successful interior designers who did not study pure interior design - David Collins (Architecture), Isle Crawford (Journalism) and Tom Dixon who didn't study design at all. The common denominator is a passion and drive for design and a confidence and commitment to their own personal style. Make your own path and if you are determined enough you will definitely succeed.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you find some of the contents here helpful.

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