How can I use my skills for the arts/culture sector?

I am just under six months away from finishing a Business Administration apprenticeship within the arts and culture sector. I know for sure that due to funding difficulties my employer will not be able to offer me further employment at the completion of my course. I will have two years' experience in arts/culture so am confident with my skills but do not know how to put them to best use. I am terrified of having to take a step backwards into a job that does not stimulate me creatively. I am interested in art, design and culture, and would like to set up my own business but don't know how to focus in one specific direction while still being able to pay my rent! Any general tips for someone in my position would be hugely appreciated - I know it's a bit vague! 

Many thanks,


— Rosie O'Connor

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Christina Birt's reply:

Sounds like you are having a good experience currently and that you have some good ambitions.  Lots of people work as self employed in the creative and cultural sector so there should be a great many people you could approach for guidance and advice. 

Have you spoken with your employer and your training provider about this?  It might be worth seeing if they can support you by providing you with a mentor who is working in a field that interests you and knows about being self employed. 

Your employer and training provider may have other suggestions too about other networks that would be helpful for you in helping start ups. You employer may be able to help you promote yourself in preparation for the end of your apprenticeship.  Good luck and go for it.

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