How can I use Photoshop for a career?

Andrew works in TV, but has realised he is far more interested in finding a job which uses his Photoshop skills.

I am currently an Assistant Producer in TV and I have worked on many hit shows. Throughout my 6 year TV career I have produced many images on Photoshop, many of which for broadcast. This usually involves good cutting and pasting, color correction, masking, re-touching, and building images. I have taken great pride when my producers haven’t even realised that I have manipulated an image!

My last few shows have been picture researcher jobs, where working with stills and Photoshop have been my main role. Quite simply, I love working on Photoshop and still imagery. I have come to realise that I love it way more than actually working in TV!

I do not know all the roles and names of Photoshop jobs, but I am aware that there are many, and a number of them are specialised. 

I would be really keen to hear from you as to what Photoshop jobs are out there, that a good all rounder of Photoshop knowledge, like me could do? 

I haven’t formally trained in Photoshop, I don’t want to go back to college. But I did graduate with a fine art degree. I know that I pick things up very quickly and wouldn’t need to be shown a million times how to do something new. Perhaps a junior level entry? 

Many thanks,

— Andrew

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Paul West's reply:

​Hi Andrew

I don’t want to tell you what you already know about Photoshop and its potential as I’m sure you are well aware of it! 

The best thing you could do if entering a market is to produce a great PDF portfolio and really showcase what you can do. 

A lot of people are “good” at PS but not everyone is “really good” so capitalise on that. Be daring with what you show: I see lots of ‘safe’ portfolios in terms of visualizers (be it PS or 3D) and I don’t need to tell you the impact of filter Apps such as Instagram, EyeEm and Twitter now of course. There’s a new visual language that people are plugging into, because they have access to it on a personal level - from the sounds of it you’re more than aware of this anyway.

Good PS artists can be used for print, digital, visualizers, photography enhancement so you have many options. Sounds like your main job is o get the portfolio done, and market yourself using the right channels (Behance, Tumblr, Instagram, FFF, FormFiftyFive, Collate et cetera. I wouldn’t be too concerned that you aren’t “qualified”, good work is good work at the end of the day and it sounds like you have a passion - that goes a very long way in itself.

Good luck


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