How can I work for a record label?

Sophia wants to know how to work for a record label, and if moving to London will help.

I’d like to pursue a career in the music business, but I’m not sure how to enter the industry or what the best route is to take. I have a Level 3 Creative & Media Diploma qualification and I’m highly passionate about music. 

I was also wondering whether moving to London would be beneficial, since the majority of record labels are based there? 

Would it give me a better chance, since I currently live a few hours from London and so I assume employers would be less inclined to consider my application because of the distance?

Thank you. 

— Sophia

Expert answers

Howard Monk's reply:

​You might have to consider moving at some stage, but most who do have already done a bunch of work on music in their hometown. 

I’d look out for what’s going on in your town first, and see if you can get experience helping out with events and so on. 

Or better still, take a favourite new band and offer to put up a show for them… local bands or otherwise. The people involved in music near you are likely to be pretty connected and can help you kick on… Go to some shows, say hi to the folks running them and offer to help!

Best of luck!

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