How can I work in events?

Stewart wants a career in events

Whats the best way to go about getting a job in events coordination or management? Are there qualifications or entry level jobs you would recommend?

— Stewart

Expert answers

Mark Blackstock's reply:

The best way to get an job in events is to get a job. Daft thought it sounds, the easiest way to get the good jobs is to do a few of the less glamorous jobs first. For example if you want to work in a theatre, get a job in the bar there, or on front of house selling tickets. This way you get a feel for the industry, and the hours, and you will meet people.

When you finally go for the job you want, you can speak with confidence about the industry and where you have been. Plus you will have demonstated by the good references you have got that you do work hard, you do turn up on time and that you are cheery.

Often you will find in the industry that your personal and arrival skills are key. Certainly if you want to get an apprenticeship, these basic things are a great grounding.

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