How can my band get more gigs?

John wonders how his band can get more gigs.

My friends and I have started a band. We’re called Whisky At Dawn, and we’d only been going for four weeks when we did our first gig, but the crowd loved us.  

We’re doing covers at the moment, as we’re still writing our own material. My question is: how can we get more gigs - preferably paying ones?

— John

Expert answers

Paul Crockford's reply:

​Dear John,

Pesrsistence is the only way. Look at it from the point of view of the person who you want to book your band. Why should they ? Will you bring people to their venue so they will make money ?

Get your social media assets up to speed and call up venues yourself who book similar bands. Hard work is really the only asset you need.

Good luck,

Paul Crockford

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