How could I go into A&R?

Vaishali is interested in a music career, especially A&R, but doesn't know where to start.

Where do I go after I graduate? I love music, I cant go a day without it. 

I’m currently doing my BA in music industry & media business management. I don’t know where i would go after graduating and how I would go about becoming an A&R for a record company such as EMI.

I know I will need a lot of experience, but I don’t know where to start.

— Vaishali K Thaker

Expert answers

Paul Crockford's reply:

​Hi Vaishali,

The short answer is go to gigs. Lots and lots of them, the smaller the better and see what music is out there. Chat to venue owners, chat to bands, chat to managers.

Run your own music blog, review shows, bands and venues. Get your name out there and HOPE that somebody in a label likes what you like.

There isn’t a tried and tested formula but you should also apply for internships at all the record companies that handle music you love but be realistic. You’re not going to be working for Lady Gaga anytime soon. The A&R job scene is incredibly competitive but research what you can and be persistent. Keeping an eye out for new talent will help and hard work might pay off but it will take time.

Paul Crockford

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