How do I get noticed?

Brad wants to know how he can get himself noticed by theatre companies

​I’m a 15 year old and I’ve just completed my last GCSE exam. I’m planning on taking theatre at A-Level as I really would like to take up acting professionally. 

I had a question about how to get noticed by theatres and acting companies.

What could I do to make it easier for the companies I approach to find out about me?


— Brad France

Expert answers

Daniel Ainsleigh's reply:

​Hello Brad,

I wouldn’t worry too much about being noticed right now. After all, you’ve got your A Levels coming up in the next couple of years. If you want to be a professional actor, here’s my advice…

Work hard at school and take an A Level in Theatre Studies or similar (although this is not vital -I didn’t!). Whilst doing this, take part in your school theatre/drama group or a local amateur dramatics company. You may also wish to consider the NYT (National Youth Theatre) as a great foundation.

Then at 18, look into getting a thorough professional training in acting. Don’t just apply to RADA (a mistake too many make) but to all DramaUK accredited courses.

From there you’ll start to make your way as an actor.

For now, just focus on school, acting in school/local plays and maybe NYT if you fancy it.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Tim Marston's reply:

​Hi Brad

Networking is a skill and as such will take work and practice. But we live in a time when these things are very easy due to social media.

  • Get some good publicity images and a CV
  • Create Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/LinkeIn page
  • Find join and interact in relevant groups and threads. Be a valuable addition to these groups and people will notice.
  • Read relevant blogs, comment and if possible even do some guest blogging
  • Go on courses, open days, make friends with other people in the biz.
  • Make rhis a way of life rather than a job you doe very now and then.
  • Eat, sleep, live and breather your chosed career

You will get there!

Good luck


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