How do I get into events organising?

Where do I start if I want to get into a career in events organising? 

— James Hardman

Expert answers

Frank Wilkes's reply:

I'd recommend that they look at the Youth Music website for local youth music projects that involve live events (and there are quite a few) to see if there are volunteering opportunities.

This is a better way than asking venues as often there is a problem with licensing and we have seen young people wanted experience having to leave venues when they open for shows as their license is often 18 plus and this defeats the object.

We have in the past assisted young people by underwriting gigs they want to put on and we mentor them through the process so they experience all of the
jobs that are undertaken to put on a live event.

Many venues will also want 'street teams' to go out flyering, and again this is a good starting point as you will get paid as well as having a connection to a venue. 

Graham Wench, who now manages Richard Hawley amongst others, started his career doing the postering and flyering for the Leadmill and a
few years later was the manager of the venue, so it does work!

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