How do I get noticed as a singer/songwriter?

Monique asks if you can still get noticed if your demo backing tracks are not original.

I am a singer/songwriter and have been doing this for many years. I was wondering what steps do l need to take to get noticed? I have sang at various events and now I would like to get my songs/lyrics heard. 

Most of my lyrics are written to music that is already recognised - is it ok to send off demos of my songs on backings which are not mine? Thanks.

— Monique McGhan

Expert answers

John Douglass's reply:

It will be very hard to get interest in your lyrics using recognised tunes alone. I would suggest you try and hook up with a local songwriter who writes and/or produces music, but does not write lyrics.

You could advertise for this online, using sites such as Gumtree (but be cautious when meeting up with people from the internet). Alternatively, network at open mic nights and see if you can find someone that way.

Hope that helps. John.

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