How do I get placements in arts marketing and fundraising?

I am studying Events Management at the University of Chester and next year I am having a gap year to take on a paid internship for 12 months. I am interested in arts marketing and fundraising - where are the best places to find and get placements for these two areas?

— Holly Jevons

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Corinne Kilvington 's reply:

Firstly I would identify companies which might be of interest. Try and find a handfull whose work interests you, as chances are in this industry you'll have some crossover roles. You'll find it much more rewarding if you have an interest in the wider setting. That may include theatre companies and multi-form companies, as well as events ones

After you've completed this research, I would suggest that you create a couple of tailored CVs: one for marketing and one for fundraising. Highlight previous experience from other jobs or education that is relevent to each role. Make sure you have a strong cover letter that explains your interest, what you can give and what you would like to get. Be ready to tailor it further for certain companies.

Be prepared to look at the possibility of several two to three-month placements, rather than just looking for one year-long one. In this era of budgets and funding cuts, finding a company that is in the postion to take on a paid post can be tricky, so you will have to go the extra mile in your research. 

Also check out Arts Jobs. You can set up searches and mailing lists where this kind of thing can be sent to you, which will link you with people that have money in place to support this kind of position.

Happy hunting.

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