I have a creative passions. Where do I start?

I am 25 and I have three children and qualified in childcare eight years ago. I have always had a huge passion for music, radio and media and i really want to get into the industry. I am not 100% sure exactly what my goal is as of yet but social media, administration and working for a radio station especially are a few things I really would like to do.

But im not sure what the best starting point would be? I have looked up possible online courses to give me some kind of knowledge at the moment but no luck yet. I have also looked up apprentiships but again I'm having no luck?

Would really like some advice on where to start!

— Sarah Prosser

Expert answers

Christina Birt's reply:

Hi Sarah, sounds like you have some great interests, aspirations and passions.  Have you contacted you local radio stations and cultural oragnisation to see if they have any opportunities?  Networking and getting yourself involved in communities you would like to work in can really help.  You say you have looked into apprenticeships - what about paid internships?  Might be worth asking organisations if they have paid internship opportunities.

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