I want to be a producer. What do I do?

I'm an aspiring theatre producer, and have seen many theatre productions of all genres. I have been to a creative careers day at my local theatre, and have found out some more about the role of a producer as a result. However, I haven't had much practical experience within the theatre, although I am hoping to change this and to get involved with the theatre on my university campus.

I was wondering if there was anything else I should be doing to set myself on the right pathway into this career? Producing for theatre as a career sounds like it will suit me so well. I would be appreciative of any advice you could give!

— Alice

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Corinne Kilvington 's reply:


You've certainly made some good steps in the right direction but I would say the experience is key in this field. You can read about it and plan, but until a production has thrown the unexpected in your face and you've still got the job done then you'll be missing skills you didn't know you needed.

Looking for local theatres, amateur groups or houses might be a good place to start. Somewhere that has experienced people already there that you can shadow or assist, as well as the university group you mentioned. Equally, send out emails to local theatre companies. You'll need to find producing houses - ones that create work, rather than reciving houses - that are a venue for touring work, and see if you can have a work placement with them during production times. That way you can look at it as a working role across a wide range of settings.

Also look for skills that you can develop. Things like design or wardrobe skills that will give you a working understanding on the departments you might have control over in your role as a producer. The more you know, the easier you are to employ!

Best of luck 😊

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