I want to work in theatre education

What is the best way to find jobs and opportunities for working in theatre education?

— Jennifer

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Robert West's reply:

Whilst the days of local authority funded companies of actor/teachers have long gone, there are still a number of ways in which someone can work in the theatre education field.

The first step is to make yourself known to the Education or Learning Department many theatres have.  A simple look on a website of any theatre (that includes presenting as producing theatres) or in a theatre programme should give you a name and contact details. My advice would then be to drop them line, give them a call or even better walk in and meet them with a view to seeing what opportunities they might have for you to work with them.

Often theatre education companies and organisations have limited budgets so full-time posts tend to be hard to come by – but workshop leaders, youth theatre directors, and project coordinators are always in demand. So the best way is to build your experience and skills by seeking to work in a few part-time roles until that full-time opportunity comes your way.

As well as theatres you could do worse than make a contact with an Arts Council Bridge. These organisations tend to have a strong track record in arts education and connect children and young people, schools and communities with art and culture. Visit the Arts Council website www.artscouncil.org.uk and search Bridge organisations.

Whilst we’re on websites artsjobs.org.uk is where you may well find theatre education jobs advertised along with our own creative-choices.co.uk. The Guardian and The Stage used to be the place to look for such vacancies, and whilst you’ll probably have more success by building your own networks using the advice above there is no harm in checking in there from time to time.

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