I’m looking for work in opera or theatre

I have postgraduate qualifications in the performing arts and in heritage management. I have also worked backstage in operatic productions in Europe and as a choreographer. 

Since I have moved to the UK, I've found it difficult to get a job in the theatre or opera and I am forced to work in a job completely irrelevant to my studies and work experience. Do you have any advice?

— Irene Gliniadaki

Expert answers

Natasha Graham's reply:

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with employment but the job market is hard. Firstly make sure your CV is up to date and is relevant to what you are applying for.

Ensure you are checking Job sites like artsjobs, but you must also start networking and looking on the web sites of companies that you might want to work for, write letters and send your CV with them.

It is perseverance I am afraid as there is a lot of competition but you also have experience on your side. I do hope this helps any other questions please email me.

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