I’m very qualified, so how do I get into heritage education?

Meghan is desperate for a career in heritage education

I'm 30: too old for apprenticeships, traineeships, internships and can no longer afford to volunteer. I have an MA, BFA and diploma in Arts Education. I'm hoping to get into Heritage Education, but have been rejected nearly 400 times in three years.

Any advice? I'm quite desperate!

— Meghan

Expert answers

Carol Rogers's reply:

Hi Meghan, 

I would start by making connections with your local museum, library or archive service and if possible volunteer to support their programmes with visitors and school groups. 

'Real world’ experiences complement academic qualifications and demonstrate a commitment and passion beyond formal accreditation. You will also meet curators and educators who can share their career development experiences. 



Amanda Lightstone's reply:

Dear Meghan,

I appreciate that you are finding it frustrating to get into the role or organisation you want, especially when you are appropriately qualified for the job.  As you will know all too well, it is a competitive job market out there.  Therefore, anything you can do to set yourself apart from the other candidates will help.

Make yourself known by volunteering within the organisation you wish to work.  It need not be a full-time volunteer role, but even helping out at education or outreach events will bring you into contact you both with the public (enhancing your skills) and the staff (who could be your future employer). In addition, I encourage you to adapt your CV or covering letter specifically for the role to which to are applying.  Even a little bit of research into the organisation's current projects or activity will shine through in your application.

Keep striving for your ideal job and stay true to your passion.

Best wishes,


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