I’ve been made redundant and need help getting back into graphic design

I graduated in Fashion Promotion a few years ago. During the course I realised that my passion lies in graphic design - I found this out because I had to produce illustrations, magazines and more as part of it.

I have been working for the past three years as a creative director for a start-up company, creating all their promotional and branding imagery, as well as countless textile designs for the company. However, it has fallen into financial trouble and I have been made redundant. I am finding it extremely difficult to find another job in graphic design as my degree is not directly related and I haven't studied web design or HTML.

I really need some advice on where to go from here. I also complete digital illustration work in my spare time and it is a big passion of mine. I have ended up working back in retail as this is the only job experience I had before my degree, and as a creative person I am finding it very difficult. I don't know what course would be right for me to help me along the way and if there is any point looking into a graphic design degree when I already have a degree in fashion promotion.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. 

— Rozina Warnes

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Joe Macleod's reply:

Hi Rozina

Sorry to not get back to you about this earlier.

Firstly, dont give up. It often takes a little amount of time to get on the right path in your carreer. 

The illustration industry isn't as buoyant as it once was. As a result, there isn't a great amount of jobs in it, and it might be difficult to find a job in it. I would focus on your interest in graphic design. 

What applications are you familiar with? Do you know the Adobe suite of tools? Most graphic design jobs use these, so knowing these to some level would be good. You also shouldn’t be concerned if you don’t know them, as you will be trained on many jobs. The tech industry is booming, and although you might not be interested right now in digital graphic design, it would be a good strategic move to go in this direction for your future security. Jobs here are booming, salaries are high, and it is also very exciting as it moves so quickly.

To get access into this area there are plenty of free/short courses that you can get involved with. But don’t feel you have to have development skills like HTML, there are plenty of people who will be better than you at this who come from development background. But showing passion for the details of App graphic design or Website design will get you your first job. A great resource for this is the Pixel Perfect Precision ebook, its free.

I would recommend doing some personal projects, maybe designing an app or a website about something you have a passion in. This will help build a portfolio. I would also recommend creating this online. I hope this helps? And I would be happy to look at you work, or advise in any other way.




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