Do you have any advice for jewellery work experience?

Marie is wondering how to find work experience in jewellery.

​I really want to get work experience with a jeweller to learn more about jewellery design and manufacture, but I’m not sure how to start. 

Is it a matter of who I know, or do I have a chance? Do I need more retail experience, or should I try to focus on jewellery?

— Marie

Expert answers

Amanda Brade's reply:

Depending on your situation you may well be eligible to do an apprenticeship with a jewellery designer or manufacturer. This would give you a year’s experience in the  industry.    

Alternatively you could do an entry level course with a jewellery school. Holts Academy runs courses such as Creative Techniques. Or you could take the Jewellery Retail Extended Diploma which also covers jewellery manufacturing techniques.  Take a look at our website: or call us on 0207 405 0197. 

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