What would be the best advice for someone who wants to get their “foot through the door”?

As an American who has always admired British theatre and whose dream it is to work in London one day, what would be the best advice for someone who wants to get their "foot through the door"? I am a recent college graduate with a BA in Theatre and I am ready to pursue my dream, and am more than willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. Thank you in advance for any adivce and tips 😊 

— Jessica Woehler

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Maggie Saxon's reply:

Hello Jessica


It very much depends what you want to do in the theatre.  Creative and Cultural Skills is good at defining the potential areas.  You should identify your particular skills and experience and work out where the best fit is.  You can get into theatre initially working in Front of House as an attendant and sometimes these jobs are advertised locally and on stage door notice boards/websites,  Similarly you might try to get in through working on a casual crew and develop through technical working.  You really should have a good CV, and be perisistent.  While your degree is great to have you have already recognised that you may still need to work your way up.

Good luck


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