I want to try to get back into acting/theatre

How do I get back in to acting or theatre? I have some experience, and had a drama and voice coach at one point.

Do you think drama school training is the best and easiest route? I want to try an alternative because I have auditioned at dozens of drama schools and wasn't accepted, even though I tried my hardest.

I did other things, but they haven't worked out as I believe theatre is the best industry for me. I want to work in theatre, and hopefully work my way up. I'm looking but have had no luck. Any advice please?

— Sophie

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Martin Harris's reply:

Hi Sophie,

Sorry to hear that you've not had the success you'd like in theatre. I'm afraid that luck only plays a small part in success - the rest is down to talent and hard work.

Drama school is by far the best way to give yourself a better chance of success in the industry. But if you're not getting in having tried many times, then perhaps you need to ask yourself why? Try to get feedback regarding your auditions if you can. Also get an experienced actor, director or audition coach to look at your pieces to see what might be going wrong.

You can try creating your own work too. But of course, there's still no guarantee of success - it's not that sort of career, and there are far too many people trying to do it.

Hope that helps a little, but do get some professional advice and help if you're serious about making it.

All the best!


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