How can I move on in my clothes design career?

Clare wants to know how to pursue another area of the fashion industry

I am a womenswear designer and have been working for a highstreet company for a number of years now. I have recently become more and more unhappy working in the 'fast fashion' industry and am struggling to figure out what to do next.

I have experience in other areas such as menswear and costume design but I dont know how to pursue them. Any advice would be great.


— Clare Geragty

Expert answers

Kate Unwin's reply:


If you are interested in costume design then I suggest you try and get some experience in a costume department of a theatre or shadow a designer? This woud give you an idea of how the work differs to what you are currently doing. Breaking in to the industry is hard but a way in is by being a costume maker and applying for making jobs? Maybe put together a portfolio of things you have designed and apply for some costume design posts? It's all about making contacts and getting your name out there.

Good luck!


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