How can i find a music job after university

Ben needs help with finding a production based or a composition based role

Ive just finished my masters degree in music technology with distiction and several awards to my name but Im sturggling to find a job.  I'd like to find either a music production based role or a composition based role. 

Whats the trick, where should I start? It seems like all the other creative industries are full of jobs, apart from music.

— Ben Weatherill

Expert answers

Juwon Ogungbe's reply:

Hello Ben

It seems to me that you should be looking for work in a recording studio, or maybe teaching music technology to Further Education students on Btec Courses or in Sixth Form Colleges, while you're finding your feet as a producer and/or composer.

You might be able to compose for student films, so perhaps you should do some research into knowing who the emerging student/young film directors are. You'll gain experience and hopefully grow with them.

If you're good with music technology, perhaps you can assist older composers who are uncomfortable with using composers software for preparing their scores for musicians to play from. You can find out about such composers through the professionals that work in the administration of making music for film... ie in Film production and Music publishing companies. the same applies to TV.

In the world of theatre, your skills might also be helpful, but quite a lot of music in theatre is played live.

Hope this advice is helpful.

Juwon Ogungbe

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