How can I become an acting coach?

How can I be an acting coach and what education would i need?

How can I be an acting coach and what education would i need?

— sophie

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Corinne Kilvington 's reply:


A lot depends on if you want to coach children or adults, professionals or for festivals and competition.

I would suggest that you first get some sort of qualifications in Acting yourself, if you don't already have some, this might be a degree or it might be something like LAMDA awards. London College of Music (LCM) do Diplomas which focus on teaching acting to other people. So you would study and be assesed on your ability to plan sessions, move people forward and the quality of your work. Obviously there is a cost to this but its worth looking at.

Get as much experience as you can under your belt, volunteer at local youth theatres, help at local am dram groups, set up your own group,  watch a lot of theatre and with a critical eye, what works and what didn't and why didn't it. 

It will take a lot of expereince and hard work to get to a point where you have the skills to coach people but its a very rewarding job.

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