How can I get work in theatre?

I am currently thinking about a career change and I am very interested in working in a theatre with set design/costume/prop making.

I am 23 years old and I don't have any specific experiense in working in theatres, but I am a very active artist with a wide portfolio.

So, how do i get in to the business? Have you got any advice on where to find apprenticeships or workplacements?

— Carolina

Expert answers

Christina Birt's reply:

Hi Carolina, thanks for your question.  There is no one way to approach this.  In the first instance I think it would be very worthwhile for you to explore more about set design, costume and prop making and to develop your networks.  For instance are there certains aspects of set deisgn, costume and prop making that interest you?  If you haven't already I would recommend you investigate different producing theatres and make an approach - email/contact individuals in specific theatres that most interest you and see if you can find a way to visit, find out more about them and their work, learn more about how they work, maybe share your interests and show them your portfolio, ask them if there are any ways you could get involved and contribute.  Be proactive and I am sure you will find the right work experience or apprenticeship opportunity for you!

Corinne Kilvington 's reply:

Hello! Firstly I'd think about building up your skills and specific area of interest with a local am dram group or youth theatre. While this would be voluntary it allows you to build up a portfolio. Photograph everything! This will also allow you to build up some contacts which are really vital. I'd think about creating a Facebook page or simple web site where you can share images of your work. You could either work freelance, so moving from company to company, using a jobsite like to find work you can apply for or join a producing house and becoming part of a permanent team. Either way experience and a network and a wide portfolio are what you need to get going. There's no short cut to that really. Best of luck

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