How do you get into the music industry?

Whether it's becoming a producer, helping set up on stage before each gig or even just selling merchandise and getting coffee, how do you get into it?

— Lynden Mulby

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Juwon Ogungbe's reply:

The number one answer to your question has to be this: "through making contacts". You don't have to know high powered or very successful industry players to get a foot in the door, but you do need to know musicians, bands, managers, etc. One way to approach this could be to spend a lot of time in rehearsal room complexes. Some of these companies also have recording studios. There are usually notice boards in these buildings, where groups put out calls for musicians they want to play in the group, but there could also be calls for roadies or other music business operatives. Promoters and record producers are probably another good source of work. Some studios run courses. If you enroll for a course and become a familiar face, you could be in with a chance. Jam sessions in night clubs are also good places for networking.  Most producers probably work their way up the ranks in recording studios. Promoters might have been roadies at some point in their careers. Best of luck!

Arit Eminue's reply:

In the first instance begin networking so you get a sense of the different roles and opportunities that are in the music industry, and build contacts in the sector. Networking includes face-to-face meetings as well as connecting to different organisations that support the music industry.  Subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on social media so you are kept up to date on sector news. 

Good networks to consider are:

Young Guns, 

The Big Music Project:

Urban Development: 

UK Music: 

There is also the apprenticeship route, which combines a mixture of on the job training with practical experience.  In this instance have a look at the Find an Apprenticeship website for details on apprenticeship roles in the music industry.  Apprenticeships are open to those aged 16 and above who have the right to work in the UK. 

Hope this helps you get started. 

Kind regards, 


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